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About Company and Our Mission

Panem was set up in 2022 to introduce Kazakhstan coal mining to the global market. With an exclusive long term international offtake with Shubarkol Premium and Maikuben West open cut mines Panem can offer spot to long term supply of their produce. Kazakhstan coal quality is already well known in energy markets from Europe to Japan for its unique combination of super-low ash, low pollutants (SOX, NOX and heavy metals) and high CV

Our mission is to deliver high-quality material in secure and sustainable way at a sharp price, to help our customers diversify supply sources and optimize their energy costs


We strive to deliver highest standards in performance (quality continuity, delivery timing), execution of contracts and provide flexibility to our customers through multiple optionality



We believe to offer an immeasurably crucial function to society, so dependent on energy resources of late. Due to these very tights of  industry, we could be said to offer life itself

Purpose | Values | Responsibilities

It is important to acknowledge our responsibility towards nature and local communities, something energy businesses were historically ignorant about. We want to change that and in all our decisions take these concerns onboard


Yet, we acknowledge the need in adhering to principles as the blood of any business. In our operations, we strive to deliver quality service and stay compliant as a good member of the business society



Artherstrasse 60, Immensee, CH-6405

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